Rev Dr Steve Griffiths

Steve has been ordained in the Church of England since 1993. He has served communities in Staffordshire, the East End of London, North Essex, Cambridgeshire and North London. He was also on Faculty at Ridley Hall Theological College as Director of Centre for Youth Ministry, Cambridge.

Steve has a passion for children’s and youth ministry. He has been involved in training youth workers across the world since 1999, most extensively in the UK, Scandinavia, India, South Africa, the US, Central Europe and mainland Europe. As well as authoring many popular and academic articles on youth ministry, historical theology, and pastoral theology, Steve is the author of a number of books including: Discipling Generation Y: Themes from the Book of Revelation, Models for Youth Ministry, God of the Valley, Redeem the Time: Sin in the Writings of John Owen, and East End Youth Ministry 1880-1957.

Rev Dr Steve is also a Prog Rock musician (under the name Renegade Priest) and his albums, including ‘Faces for the Troubadour’, are available on all digital platforms. He also writes and records with his wife, Jo. You can find their material on digital platforms under their duo-name ‘After the Event’ and Jo’s solo name ‘Jo Griffiths’.

Rev Dr Steve is also passionate about languages. His primary languages are English and Esperanto. He also engages (though less fluently!) with Biblical Greek and French. Steve is currently in the foothills of learning Toki Pona and Portuguese.

He tries to go to the gym and have a swim most days each week. Sometimes, this is more aspirational than reality…but he does the best he can!